We at Nox Cycles see ourselves as a high-tech e-bike manufacturer. We live and share with our team the passion to build the best e-mountain bike. Our credo is to offer every customer high quality and uniqueness.

Discover the technologies of NOX Cycles 

The clearly stated goal of NOX is to uncompromisingly equip all e-mountain bikes of the NOX HYBRID series and to optimize them for ascents and, above all, descents in challenging terrain. This means that all hardtails, all-mountain and enduro bikes with high-end e-drives from BROSE or SACHS / BMZ are now available, because in the symbiosis of muscle power and e-drive - hence “HYBRID” series - NOX sees the future of e-mountain biking, especially where power is needed.

All bikes of the NOX E-VOLUTION series are equipped with FAZUA drive systems. In addition to a unique, natural riding experience without unnatural pedalling resistance, the Evation drive also enables an elegant and unobtrusive integration into the frame - but also an unrivalled flexibility: within a few seconds you can convert your e-bike to a normal bike using the downtube cover and enjoy unlimited freedom also WITHOUT MOTOR.

NOX Ultra Carbon frames are made from the highest quality Japanese carbon fibres using the prepreg process. Unidirectional layers as well as fabrics or scrims are used in particularly stressed areas with high forces. An exact calculation of the force distribution in the construction through to processing in the clean room results in the strongest frames with a minimum weight ratio and maximum load capacity. One of the top priorities here is to maintain a natural riding experience.

At NOX Cycles only the best aluminium alloys are used, which are formed under pressure (hydroforming), welded with the highest precision and care in special CNC-manufactured tools and brought to a maximum of stability using the most modern hardening processes. Among other things, a precise alignment of the tube sets with individually produced tools, the most modern welding techniques, the hardening of the frames and extensive quality assurance guarantee weight-optimized, durable and highly functional bicycle frames without compromises.

Since the brand was founded, NOX Cycles has specialized exclusively in high-end mountain and gravity bikes. The racing team recently rode under the direction of 15-time German downhill champion Markus Klausmann. This know-how from racing was transferred 100% to the NOX e-bikes and is being further perfected there. The team of enthusiastic brand ambassadors supports our development department with passion and dedication in building the best e-bike for the toughest racing conditions. The result: All NOX bikes have a modern geometry for perfect riding characteristics. Long wheelbase, flat steering angle and short chainstays are just a few examples that guarantee pure riding pleasure on a NOX bike.

Every full-suspension NOX bike is equipped with the Flex-Plus standard. This consists of the following technologies:

FLS (Flex-Linkage System) To meet the growing demand of the market of different wheel sizes and to individualize the geometry rider-related, NOX developed the Flex-Linkage. With a few simple steps, the BB height or steering angle can be individually adjusted. FCD (flip chip dropout) Thanks to the flip-chip system, you always have the option to switch between wheel sizes or to choose the chainstay length. The chainstays can be adjusted in no time to achieve the optimal geometry for 27.5+ or 29 inches, so you can always adapt your bike to your riding style. A short position ensures, for example, more maneuverability, a long position creates better climbing behavior.

BOOST STANDARD In order to achieve more rigidity with short chainstays, wider tire / rim combinations and larger (29“) wheels, every NOX bike is provided with the boost standard. This increases the rigidity by up to 20%. Furthermore, the boost standard ensures more tire clearance, which means that a tire selection or width of up to 2.8” is possible.

Displays are the interface for controlling and operating an e-bike. Depending on the area of ​​application, there are different requirements here. If you ride an e-mountain bike in a sporty way, you need a different display than a touring e-biker. A compact, fall-proof display makes sense for mountain bikes, while a large, comfortable display is recommended for touring bikes. NOX has different control units in its range for you: from universally applicable, to comfortable to very sporty displays. Connectivity is a top priority at NOX. NOX e-bikes can also be connected to smartphones using Bluetooth. Smartphone apps enable easy navigation, access to riding information and adjustments in motor settings. Depending on the model, NOX bikes are equipped with the most modern control units from BROSE, SIGMA or FAZUA.

All NOX bikes have the ICR standard. This ensures a clean, tidy look thanks to integrated cable routings - where it makes sense. Because at the same time, ease of maintenance must not suffer.

In addition to an appealing look, extreme robustness and good handling, NOX bikes are especially characterized by perfectly integrated drive systems that meet MTB requirements. We differentiate between the following systems:

Power-Drive (Sachs RS / 48V, 250W, 112Nm)

Performance-Drive (Brose Drive S Mag / 36V, 250W, 90Nm)

Energy-Drive (Fazua RIDE 50 Trail / 36 V, 250W, 55Nm) With the BROSE DRIVE S and SACHS RS mid-mounted motors, the bikes in the NOX HYBRID series are equipped with powerful high-performance drives with high torque and sensitive responsiveness, which ensure powerful and natural riding fun. Power and performance are very important here. In contrast, there is the drive system by FAZUA, which is used in the NOX E-VOLUTION series and can shine as the lightest and most compact drive system in its class. The focus here is primarily on sporting demands. With the FAZUA drive, NOX was one of the first manufacturers to introduce the category of light full-suspension e-MTBs - an e-MTB line that is primarily aimed at athletic demands while still providing the natural and dynamic riding experience of a non-motorized bicycle.

All NOX HYBRID bikes of the NEXT GENERATION series are equipped with a fully integrated high-performance interchangeable battery. 725 Wh lithium-ion batteries are available, which ensure a correspondingly long range. The batteries have a compact design, can be removed downwards without tools and offer the perfect basis for a wide range of applications, from long alpine tours to after-work rides on technical trails. On the other hand, there is again the concept of FAZUA, which is used in the NOX E-VOLUTION series. The battery was deliberately kept small and light in view of the sporty use. For longer tours you can simply pack a spare battery (1.38 kg), which gives you 252 Wh of extra power in just the size of a 0.5 l drinking bottle.

The uncompromising equipment of all series bikes is one of the top priorities at NOX Cycles in order to meet the high demands of e-bikes off-road. Among other things, e-bike-optimized spring elements, extra-strong braking systems and particularly stable wheelsets are used. With regard to system suppliers, we take care to rely exclusively on the motors and battery systems of leading German manufacturers in our developments.

All NOX bikes have been awarded the EFBE-TRI-TEST® seal of approval. The EFBE TRI-TEST® is the ultimate reference test in bicycle testing and goes far beyond the standard. For example, the ISO 4210 standard only recognizes one type of mountain bike, while EFBE has developed individualized test programs and certifications for cross country, all-mountain, trail bikes, downhill bikes and the respective e-bike variant. The test program is based on the three modules fatigue test, maximum load test and overload test, which simulate the damage to an entire bicycle life in fast motion in different load cases. For example, a frame must successfully complete at least five and up to eight individual tests in order to be awarded the EFBE-TRI-TEST® seal of approval.

NOX bikes are considered to be durable, reliable and robust - therefore NOX also grants a voluntary manufacturer's guarantee of 3 years on the frame and swing arm on all bikes from model year 2016. In addition, NOX offers crash replacement for damage to the frame or swingarm caused by an accident or fall.

All NOX HYBRID bikes are extra robust. In order to meet the increasing demand for e-bikes with a higher permissible total weight, NOX has now been able to increase this weight limit from 130 kg to 150 kg for all hardtails and to 135 kg for all fullies. One should not forget here that the weight of the bike, all individual parts installed on it as well as panniers, etc., which are mounted on the bike, also count.